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Research shows that the expectations of children and young adults have a strong impact on whether or not they attend college. Saving for college helps children see themselves as someone who is college-bound.  It is with this meaningful research in mind that the Healdsburg Kinder2College Fund was formed.

The Healdsburg Kinder2College Fund (K2C) is a college savings initiative launched by members of the Healdsburg Community in partnership with Corazón Healdsburg. This innovative investment in the children of Northern Sonoma County provides every Kindergartner with a College Savings Account (CSA) with $100 in their name. For families that are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, an additional $50 will be deposited into the student’s CSA. In 2019, this program was expanded to include Geyserville, Alexander Valley and West Side Elementary Schools.

- Future -

To incentivize families to keep investing in their child’s future, K2C will assist each family in opening the family’s own College Savings Account. Families will be invited to make contributions to save for their student’s education by making monthly, recurring or one-time donations into their child’s account.

All families that make a deposit into their family CSA (even just $1) will receive an additional deposit of $100 into their child’s CSA from K2C.
All families that make a monthly or annual recurring donation to their child’s account, K2C will match up to $300 in incentive funds as a deposit into their child’s K2C account.
All students with 95% or higher attendance will receive an additional $50 into their K2C account.

- Press -

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Children from low-income households with college savings from $1-499 are 3x more likely to attend college and 4x more likely to graduate than low-income children who do not have savings accounts for higher education.
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