Adult Education - Spring Semester is Off to a Great Start

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

This semester we launched an expanded partnership with SRJC and the City of Healdsburg. For the first time, SRJC is providing daytime English as a Second Language (ESL) and high school equivalency degree classes in Spanish for adult students to obtain their high school diploma. Corazón conducted the outreach to facilitate student enrollment and is providing childcare and preschool for more than 20 children and the City is providing the facility space for both the classes and the childcare.

We are please to share that there are 105 adult students enrolled in ESL and Spanish GED classes this semester in Healdsburg. With a waiting list for two of the classes! Many of these students came to Corazón from our Moms to Moms program with Alliance Medical Center, as well as other community events. These classes will continue in the summer and we will have two separate daytime classes running in the fall semester (in addition to our evening classes). One daytime class that starts around Labor Day and the other that starts at the conclusion of Harvest season when farmworkers and hospitality workers have more time to study. In the future we hope to provide additional classes in Spanish in the areas of early childhood development and other career areas as requested from the community we serve.

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