Bilingual Public Health Information Delivered Via Social Media

Updated: May 25, 2020

Two women wearing face masks and gloves sitting inside a vehicle with a Census booklet and a container of food

During the mandatory Shelter in Place, Corazón Healdsburg has been sharing health and safety information about COVID-19 in English and Spanish through our Instagram and Facebook platforms. We’re covering a wide range of topics including the signs and symptoms of the disease, what social distancing means, how to make a mask that doesn’t require sewing and where to go for mental health support. There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding COVID-19 right now and we want to make sure our community has access to clear, reliable information. Our goal is to arm our clients with the right information to keep themselves safe and healthy during this pandemic. All of our tips come from trusted sources like the Centers for Disease Control or the County of Sonoma. We know that many of our thousands of social media followers might not be regularly checking the CDC’s website, so we have been bringing the information directly to our clients on a platform that they are comfortable with. Instagram and Facebook are approachable platforms to share this kind of information. It’s a casual setting in which people can quickly absorb key information. These are bite-sized but life-saving tips delivered to our followers right on their phones as they browse social media. We know from the analytics that hundreds of people have seen these health tips, offered in English and Spanish. In addition to the public health information, we have woven in an interactive and friendly component, where our local residents can share photos of themselves wearing or making masks and offering up tips of what they are doing to stay safe during Shelter in Place. By adding the opportunity to participate, we are inviting our community to engage online with one another and to do peer-to-peer education, which often gets higher engagement both online and in the real world.

All of the information we’ve shared is also now saved as “highlight” in our Instagram profile and can serve as a long-term resource for our community. We’re also distributing printed public health information from the County of Sonoma at our weekly Groceries to Go distributions, where we have been serving over 1,400 residents each week.

We will continue to post and share health and safety tips as the crisis continues and hope to empower our local residents to stay healthy, especially as they return to places of work and school in the coming months.

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