It’s easy to complete the Census!

Have you filled out your 2020 Census yet? It’s critical that everyone in our community is counted, whether you speak English or Spanish, are 90-years-old or 10! And it’s totally safe and private and it is for everyone living in the U.S., citizens and non-citizens alike.

Here are some reasons why the Census is so important:

  • It determines how many seats each state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives. Right now California has the most!

  • Lawmakers use the data from the Census to determine where billions of dollars in federal funding go to hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads, and other resources. We want to make sure we get our fair share for our local community.

  • Providing our race, ethnicity and sex helps federal agencies monitor compliance with anti-discrimination rules.

  • It’s in the Constitution! We’ve counted our population every ten years since 1790.

Are you worried about providing personal information to a government agency? All 2020 Census responses are kept confidential. Census Bureau staff cannot release any identifiable information about respondents, even to law enforcement agencies. The Census does not include a citizenship question.

Filling out the 2020 Census is easy! You’ll be asked things like how many people live in your home, their gender, birthdate, race and ethnicity. You can fill out the Census three different ways:

  • Online: Here’s the link to fill out the Census online in English. Here’s the link for the Spanish-language form.

  • By mail: You likely received a paper copy of the 2020 Census in your mail in March. If you want to be sure it’s the legitimate Census, you can compare your paper copy to examples on the 2020 Census website here.

  • By phone: You can answer the Census questions in English or Spanish by phone from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m. Pacific Time. The English-language phone number is 844-330-2020 and the Spanish-language phone number is 844-468-2020.

Do you have questions about the Census? Or are you having trouble completing it? We can help! You can always call us at 707-395-0938. We want to make sure everyone in our community counts, so please let us know if you need assistance.

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