Winter Update from FirstGen College Counseling

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Our program has grown to 33 Healdsburg High School students and their families. The Junior year students are currently applying for summer academic programs around the country and gearing up for the June SAT exam. They took the PSAT in the fall and we are working with them to identify areas for improvement. We have contracted with Trio Prep, an SAT exam preparation program to provide individualized SAT preparation for each of the 12 Junior year students in our program and are in the process of trying to raise $7,000 to fund the SAT prep courses. Trio Prep is excited to partner with Corazón and has offered our FirstGen students 33% off of the cost because of their support of our mission of providing college counseling to underserved students who will be the first generation in their families to attend college!

The Sophomore year students are actively applying for summer academic programs on college campuses around the country and in California. Each student is required to apply to four programs and for many of them, this is their first time asking their teachers and counselors for letters of recommendation, requesting their official transcripts and answering long-form essay questions. It is great preparation for the college application process that they will be going through in the coming years. They are also gearing up for the Advanced Placement (AP) exams (along with the Juniors) this May and FirstGen is working with their AP teachers at HHS to conduct study sessions and do practice tests leading up to the AP exams.

The 9th grade students have met with their school counselors to map out their academic classes for the remainder of High School. Specifically focused on taking college-bound Honors and AP level classes in their Sophomore and Junior years and making sure their coursework runs parallel to career interest areas (if they have identified potential areas of interest yet).

Our FirstGen program convenes all of the students and their families for a community potluck four times per year and we have had some fantastic speakers attend each potluck to inspire these students and their families on what doors college has opened for them. The potlucks are held in English and Spanish and we are very pleased with the community of college-going families we are building within Corazón. Some of the FirstGen parents are currently enrolled in our Adult Education programs in order to improve their English or to obtain their high school diploma before their kids do!

We are currently fundraising for this program, to make a gift please visit or contact Ariel Kelley at to learn more.

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