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watch full movie on Yidio, watch movie online for free.- [Narrator] A daring new app made you video essentially replace the things you have to buy, sell and do to save the planet. If you're going to switch to a greener lifestyle, this is one way to do it. - [Woman] Buying the right thing, being aware of that, and then just asking that question when you're looking to buy. - [Narrator] I think most people have some sort of idea of what they do and don't like and don't like their house or the cars they drive. Why not go further and just video everything? - [Man] People are pretty limited in the choices that they have. - [Narrator] And that's what they did for a project called the Food Tube, a tool to help you create a personal video archive of what you eat. To start, all you need is a device and a smartphone camera. - We took that to the people themselves and said, "Okay, we want to build something that creates this path that you can follow." - [Man] The food tube makes it easy to find things that you haven't been able to find before. You'll find it in Google if you look hard enough, but it's very rare to find something that's so specific. - [Narrator] After an intuitive, user-friendly design, then they started walking people around the world. - The idea is that you go about your normal day, eating breakfast, eating lunch, eating a snack at work, eating dinner. That's what we call your first day and you record it. - [Narrator] From there, the app would start counting the number of times you switched food products, the types of places you eat, and some fun questions like how many times you use your arms in one day. - Our app, on the first day, it actually says that on average you switched food products about every two and a half days. - [Narrator] In just a few weeks, they had covered over 40,000 miles. - We wanted to quantify and measure what people are doing




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Baaghi 2 2 Movie Download In Hindi 720p Download
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